• Who am I?

    (tough question)

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    Julien Kaci

    I am driven by the desire to create and innovate, everywhere, all the time.

    I'm a French Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication. I completed my education in a business school, studying technology and innovation management.

  • Skills

    What I have acquired over the years...

    Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    I founded 4 startups, though I developed my entrepreneurial skills (making dozens of errors) and my network in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. I have also been an innovation consultant for two years to help executives who want to develop new projects for their company.

    Sales & Marketing

    I both created a B2B service offer and sold products online, I experimented several marketing strategies and sales methods.

    Technologies & Web

    I am and I will remain a nerd: creation of websites, mobile applications, videos, algorithms programming ... Technology does not scare me, at all!

  • Expériences notables

    (entre autres...)

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    Freelance Consultant

    Since July 2016

    Since 2016, I carry out marketing and webmarketing consulting missions to finance the development of an entrepreneurial project aiming at eradicating boredom in French schools.

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    November 2017

    Brain-Arena was an online store of brain training games

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    Le Repère Des Experts

    March 2016 - April 2017

    Le Repère des Experts was a web startup aimig at facilitating and securing the purchase of independent consultants via a web platform.

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    Innovation & Lean Management

    April 2014 - June 2016

    Consulting in Innovation and Lean Management in industrial SMEs and startups.

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    Café Comptoir

    Oct. 2014 - May 2016

    Café Comptoir was a web platform for creating and sharing web articles.

  • Ce que j'ai appris à l'école

    Eat. Learn. Sleep. Repeat.

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    EMLYON Business School


    MS Management of Technology and Innovation

    • Fundamentals of Management
    • Methods and tools: Global mastery of the innovation process
    • Strategic Aspects: Innovation Strategy and Marketing

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    INP Toulouse - ENSEEIHT


    Electronics and Telecommunication engineer.

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    France & International
    +33 6 66 34 47 04
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    I publish content on management, innovation, but also neuroscience, learning and pedagogy (mainly in French tough)